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45 days jail for flouting decree, possession of knife

A 37 year old foreign national has been jailed for 45 days for breaking the stay at home decree  and carrying a knife.

The man was flagged down by police in Limassol on Sunday, but accelerated, jumping a stop sign, eventually colliding into a parked vehicle and coming to a stop nearby. In his car police found a knife.

The man was arrested and the woman who was with him was fined for flouting the stay at home decree.

He appeared before Limassol court on Monday which found him guilty of breaking the decree and carrying a knife and jailed him for 45 days.

Police are continuing their investigation into the traffic offences.

Yesterday, Limassol district court also jailed a 22 year old man for three months for breaking the decree five times as well as for a series of traffic offences. His passenger was fined 1000 euro for breaking the decree twice.

Limassol: 22 year old jailed for breaking decree, traffic offences


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