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42% of household expenditure on housing, transport and food

Restaurants and hotels accounted for the biggest share of household expenditure in Cyprus in 2017  at 17.5% of the total, according to figures released by Eurostat on Wednesday.

This was followed by housing, water, electricity and gas with 15.4%, food and non-alcoholic beverages with 13.7%, transport with 13% of the total.

Overall, 42% of household expenditure in Cyprus went to housing, transport and food.

Other goods and services accounted for 9.1% of the total, recreation and culture 6% of the total, alcohol and tobacco 5.6%,  health 4.9%, clothing and footwear 4.8%, furnishings and household equipment 4.4%, communications 3%,  education 2.6%,

Eurostat said households have different consumption patterns, very much depending on income levels, cultural habits or geographical situation.

On average in the EU in 2017, the largest part (nearly a quarter) of household consumption expenditure was devoted to “housing, water, electricity and gas” (which excludes purchase of dwellings), while “transport” accounted for 13% and “food” for 12%. ”

Restaurants and hotels” and “recreation and culture” followed with shares of around 9 % each.

The remaining groups of products and services had shares of around 4% to 6%: “furnishings and household equipment”, “clothing and footwear”, “alcoholic beverages and tobacco” and “health”; while “communications” and “education” had smaller shares of 3% and 1% respectively.

Household expenditure was mostly devoted to “housing” in all Member States except Estonia, Lithuania and Romania, where “food” was most important, and Cyprus and Malta where it was “restaurants and hotels”.

To check out how Cyprus compares to other EU countries press here.


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