NewsLocal27-year-old handed down 7-year jail sentence for sexually abusing minor

27-year-old handed down 7-year jail sentence for sexually abusing minor

The Nicosia Criminal Court sentenced on Monday to seven years in jail a 27-year-old man who was found guilty of sexually abusing a minor, the CNA reports.

According to a court announcement on Tuesday, the case differs from others of the same kind in that there is an age difference of only nine years between the victim and the perpetrator.

It was also mentioned that the abuse started when the defendant was younger than 14 years old and therefore not legally liable at the time, while for a long period of time during the crimes they were both minors.

The court added that the type of sexual abuse did not involve rape but was limited to a less severe type of abuse in addition to forced exposure to pornographic material.

On the other hand, the court announcement went on, the Criminal Court cannot ignore that the crimes were committed for many years and continued well beyond the defendant’s 14th birthday, specifically until he turned 23 and while the complainant was still a minor.

The court noted that the defendant was then in a position to know that his actions were illegal but continued to abuse the complainant regardless “without hesitating to occasionally use violence against her.”

It was mentioned that the court also took into account the fact that “the defendant’s illegal behaviour caused serious psychological problems to the complainant.”

“The Criminal Court, taking into account the defendant’s clear criminal record, that he pleaded guilty immediately, the time that has passed since the crimes were committed and the fact that for a long time during the crimes he was underage himself, has decided to impose a cumulative prison sentence of seven years,” the announcement concluded.

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