NewsLocal18 Fire Service officers take the Republic to court for “on call”

18 Fire Service officers take the Republic to court for “on call”

Eighteen officers of the Fire Service have taken the Republic of Cyprus to Court for a case regarding whether being “on call” means working time.

The case was set to appear in Court on 11 January but due to the circumstances it was postponed.

According to the defense, the “on call” status of work is not institutional and prevails the lives of Fire Service officers day and night and every day. The officers have to be mentally and physically alert, in fact going through an inhuman situation that to a great extent deprives them of a normal personal, social and family life. This is in violation of several European and international agreements.

On the other hand, the position of the Republic, which is represented by the Chief of Police, is that since its foundation, the Fire Service has operated with this system successfully and must not change now. The Fire Service is an emergency service and any delay in responding may have negative consequences.

Moreover, the lawyer of the Applicant has informed the European Parliament of the case and the European Commission will carry out a preliminary investigation.


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