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17 year old Covid patient at Famagusta General


A 17 year old teenage girl, the youngest to have been infected in the second wave of the pandemic, is being treated at Famagusta General, with doctors yet again warning that no one is immune from the disease, irrespective of age.

The teenager was transferred to the referral institution yesterday with a severe respiratory infection. She had no underlying illnesses. Her condition has improved and is now non-life threatening.

During the first wave of the pandemic, a 15 year old boy had been hospitalised at Famagusta General.

200 people with Covid-19 are currently received care at state hospitals, 30 of which are intubated.

62 are being treated at the referral institution, with five in the Increased Care Unit.

6 people have been transferred to the hospital from various other facilities.

Fifty one people are being hosted at the Eden Resort Rehabilitation Centre in Tersefanou and will remain there until they are Covid-free.

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