News Local 153 booked for flouting stay at home decree overnight

153 booked for flouting stay at home decree overnight

Another 153 people were booked for flouting the stay at home decree last night, the Cyprus News Agency reports.

It said that 4161 checks of pedestrians and drivers were carried out from 6 pm on Wednesday until 6 am on Thursday.

A curfew is in force from 9 pm to 6 am for all but essential workers.

Permission to leave the house from 6 am to 6 pm is restricted to one time a day as an exception, after receiving approval for the 8998 number. Those over 65 can use form B.

Nicosia: 2111 checks and 50 people were booked.

Limassol:  606 checks , 16 booked

Larnaca: 409 checks, 28 booked

Paphos  120 checks, 18 booked

Famagusta:  411 checks, 26 booked

Morphou: 114 checks, one booked

Police HQ traffic unit and MMAD : 390 checks 14 booked

There were 1111 checks of premises (Nicosia 360, Limassol 117, Larnaca 194, Paphos 183, Famagusta 152 and Morphou 104) and none were found to be in violation.

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Police will be ‘unrelenting’ in implementation of decree





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