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15 nurses to bolster Covid-19 referral hospital

Larnaca Hospital is sending 15 nurses to bolster the reference hospital for coronavirus which is having to deal with an increase in patients, the director of the state health services organisation (Okipi)  Yiorgos Karostakis told CNA.

Seven patients were admitted yesterday to Famagusta General Hospital and three were discharged. The total there is currently 30 patients.

Larnaca Hospital has opened four isolation rooms for short term treatment of adult patients suspected of having Covid-19, he added. If they test positive they are transferred to Famagusta.

Four prefab offices are being erected for the doctors and four prefab rooms will be used by patients for a few hours until they are transferred to the appropriate ward.

If patients go to the A&E with suspect symptoms they will be examined in a separate area and if requiring additional treatment will go to the special isolation rooms which are set to increase to 15 next week, he added.

All patients are considered as possibly suspect and health care professionals take the necessary protective measures, he added. They are all tested for coronavirus.

At the hospital are patients who have tested negative but remain for 14  days in case they develop the virus.

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