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130 GHS doctors under the microscope

Some 130 specialist Gesy (GHS) doctors are under investigation by the Health Insurance Organization (HIO) on suspicion of abusing the system, Phileleftheros reports.

The investigation revealed that some doctors received up to €450,000 in five months. One cardiologist appears to have claimed €108,000 in a single month and one gastroenterologist received €417,000 up to November 30.

Regarding the public sector, it was found that 80 doctors that receive a government salary from the Ministry of Health have received allowances from January 1, 2019 until November 30 which exceed their salaries. One doctor received €183,000 in allowances until November.

Government doctors, philenews says, have received a mixed income (salaries plus allowances) between €40,000 and €237,000 in the past months. Interestingly, this evidence came to light only a few days after the work stoppage organised by public doctors who are demanding financial incentives from the State Health Services Organisation (SHSO).

HIO head Andreas Papaconstantinou notes that it is reasonable in the first months of GHS’s operation to have increased visitation hence more submitted claims by doctors as it started with 50 specialist doctors and 550,000 beneficiaries. However, GHS now has 1,261 specialist doctors and 750,000 beneficiaries. The Organization will be unforgiving to those who abuse the system, he continued, “as we have been particularly outspoken in the last two months regarding abuses of the System. HIO is closely monitoring the situation and is prepared to proceed to action if necessary.”

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