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13 guidelines for operation of small shops

Small shops can reopen on Monday with the partial easing of the lockdown, but their operation must be inline with revised instructions issued by the Labour Ministry on Thursday.

It said the 13 points must be adhered to be the self employed or employees in small retail businesses.

They are:

1 . Antiseptic at the entrance and exit of the premises for use by staff, clients and visits. If the door opens automatically, then the antiseptic should be inside. If the door opens with a handle, then there should be one both inside and outside

2.  Employees must wash their hands with soap or with antiseptic before entering and leaving and while there.

3. The premises must be ventilated on a regular basis. Avoid use of air conditioning except where necessary. The a/c should not recycle air from the interior but bring in fresh air from outside.

4. Premises should be cleaned every day with emphasis on disinfecting surfaces which are frequently touches such as handles as well as the desks and furniture, the bathroom and the floors. In larger shops where there may be an ante room to the bathroom congestion must be avoided.

5. The rule of one person per eight square metre applies for employees and customers

6. In small shops only one customer or visitor will enter at any time. It is recommended that there is a special sign at the entrance to that effect.Each client/visitor must clean hands with antiseptic on entering and leaving.

7. Larger shops should have a sign with a maximum number of clients visitors allowed inside at any given time

8. The 2 metres distance rule should be respected as much as possible, both between employees and between employees and clients. If not, then use a mask.

9. Employees who come into contact with clients must always wear a mask. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure there are masks.

10. If there are changing rooms, then personal hygiene rules must be adhered to. Crowding must be avoided. It is recommended that where clients cannot wash their hands with soap and water to antiseptic, trying of products should be avoided.

11. Payment where possible should be with cards rather than cash. However either payment is acceptable.

12. Every client or visitor before entering should disinfect hands with antiseptic and put on a single use mask. They must disinfect hands again on exiting.

13 More information on preventive and protective measures on health and safety issues at work under coronavirus conditions are posted on the website of the department of Labour Inspectors.


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