NewsLocal13.7% of Cypriots' consumption expenditure goes on food

13.7% of Cypriots’ consumption expenditure goes on food

Households in Cyprus spent 13.7% of their consumption expenditure on food and non alcoholic beverages in 2017, above the 12.2% averaged in the European Union,  figures from Eurostat show.

The Member States with more than 20 % of their total household consumption expenditure attributed to food and non-alcoholic beverages were Romania (27.8 %), Lithuania (21.6 %) and Estonia (20.3 %).

In contrast, there were four Member States where the shares were less than 10 %, namely Austria (9.9 %), Ireland (9.2 %), Luxembourg (8.9 %) and the United Kingdom (8.2 %).

EU-wide, food and non-alcoholic beverages is the third most important category of household expenditure after ‘housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels’, which accounted for 24.2 % of household expenditure, and ‘transport’, which accounted for 13.0 %.


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