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1180 flamingos at Larnaca Salt Lake and counting

As of November, 1180 flamingos were counted at Larnaca Salt Lake with numbers expected to reach 10,000 as winter progresses, whilst various waders like Avocet and ducks like Common and Ruddy Shelduck also make an appearance on the fringes of the lake, the Larnaca tourism board said in a post on Twitter and on its website.

A Larnaca region winter is never complete without a visit from the flamingos and true to form they are back and in a ‘festive’ spirit it said.

“Larnaca region’s wetlands come alive with the first rainfalls with congregations of migrating birds filling the Larnaca Salt Lake network and Voroklini Lake, including the distinctive and beloved Greater Flamingo.

“Voroklini Lake also welcomes numbers of flamingos as well as Northern Shoveler, Common Teal and Northern Pintail. Birdwatchers can view the different species at the main bird hide which features informative boards introducing the different birds you might spot there,” the tourism board said.

“And whilst all this is fairly usual for this time of year, what is different this season is the behaviour of the birds, hence the more ‘festive’ spirit witnessed! Due to a mild winter so far, the unusually warm days may have tricked some birds into thinking that it’s springtime. This has resulted in unusual mating practises and the appearance of out-of-season birds,” it added.

And in inviting the public to enjoy the beautiful birds, it urged them to show respect towards the birds; not to invade their environment or to try to get too close, and to always enter and leave the areas without causing any environmental harm or disrupting the birds in their natural habitat.

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