From: Jayne Bellamy Subject: Quarantine Message Body:

I sent an email re Health Certificates being unavailable in the UK. Thanks to the media highlighting the unavailability I was able to leave in the 1st flight out of Heathrow.

I just wanted to give you an update on quarantine from a personal perspective, as there has been some negativity. However, I can only applaud the treatment so far, this could not have been a simple process to implement at such short notice.

So far this has been a positive experience, although isolation is not ideal, it is certainly a necessity, given the rapid spread in other countries. I’m one of the lucky ones, I have my work to keep me occupied and I have increased my hours to keep busy.

I teach English to Chinese students and my employers, at short notice, covered my lessons while I was being repatriated. Boredom will be the biggest problem for others in government quarantine and believe me when I say, even only after 2 days, the time when I’m not working is long and tedious.

There is no opportunity to leave the room allocated, no contact with other people and the hotel is deathly quiet and subdued. We are well fed, supplies are left outside our doors and facilities within the rooms are good.

If you have any specific questions about health care or anything else I would be happy to provide answers as the 14 day countdown progresses.

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