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117 minors involved in drug cases

Shocking information has been revealed regarding underage youth involved in drug cases, not only for their own use but also for trafficking. This year, 117 youth aged 13 to 18 were arrested for their involvement in drug cases by the Drug Prevention Services, with the majority of those arrested for drug cases ranging from 19 to 34 years old (767 persons were handcuffed).

According to Police information which has been given to Parliament, up until October 31 of this year, a 13-year-old and 116 other youth aged 14 to 18 were involved in drug cases, with most of them being related to cannabis. In particular, 106 minors were caught for cannabis cases, one for cocaine, four for methamphetamines, one for LSD, one for ecstasy pills and three for cannabis plants. Of these, 104 were caught for drug possession, three for the cultivation cannabis plants, two for possession for trafficking, and seven for trafficking.

Concern has been raised with regards to drug cases investigated this year, as well as the quantities of drugs detected which are considered to be unrealistic for Cyprus. According to the Drug Prevention Services, by the end of October, 1,022 cases were opened involving 1,145 persons, of whom 784 were Cypriots and 361 foreigners. Up until now, about 305 kilos of cannabis, 4.2 kilos of cocaine, half a kilo of cannabis resin, 11 kilos of opium, 2.2 kilos of heroin, 299 cannabis plants, 937 ecstasy pills, 1.1 kilos of methamphetamine and 2.6 kilos of synthetic substances have been identified.

On a parallel note, a small decline in serious crime cases has been noted this year in comparison to last, while an increase is seen in the percentage of crime detection. According to the Statistics Office, 3.733 cases were investigated this year, compared to 3.795 in the previous year, with decrease in cases by 62 or 1.6%.

As far as the crime detection rate is concerned, last year it stood at 65.1%. This year it reached 70.3%.

As apparent through statistics provided, bomb explosions and arson remain the Police force’s weakness, seen as the detection rate does not exceed 16% for explosive disasters and 22% for arson. In comparison to last year, the number of rape cases is higher, with 21 cases compared to 21 in 2017.



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