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10-year prison sentence for 72-year-old woman’s rapist

The Paphos Criminal Court sentenced a man of Egyptian origin who is a permanent resident of the island who was found guilty of raping a 72-year-old woman in Kissonerga on May 8th, 2020, to 10 years in prison today.

The Criminal Court, chaired by R. Limnatitou and members M. Drousiotis and P. Michailidis, also found the accused guilty in the charges of threatening and carrying a knife.
The assailant was already known to the complainant and on the night of the event he appeared to her home drunk where he raped her at the threat of a knife fleeing the scene afterward.

He was arrested a few days later.

In his speech for mitigation of the sentence for the accused, his lawyer Mr. Tringis stressed the admission of the accused, his clean criminal record and claimed extenuating circumstances to which allegedly led the accused to commit the rape while under the influence of alcohol.

Taking into account all factors, facts of the case, seriousness of the offenses, and the need to impose a deterrent sentence the Criminal Court states in its decision that the only appropriate sentence for the accused is imprisonment.

A 10-year prison sentence in the first category was therefore imposed on the accused.

Prosecutor Irene Savva represented the state during trial.


Source: Philenews

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