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10 women detained on suspicion of sham marriages

Ten women who allegedly arrived in Cyprus to enter into sham marriage arrangements with third-country nationals have been detained at Larnaca airport since yesterday.

According to police, after evaluating a tip off about women arriving on the island from overseas in order to be part of sham marriage ceremonies, members of the Aliens and Immigration Service (AIS) Headquarters together with AIS Larnaca and Nicosia, were part of a sting at Larnaca airport.

The flight arrived late yesterday afternoon and 10 women were located on it.

Five of those mentioned travelling to Cyprus after a third party purchased their tickets and promised them monetary remuneration if they do these sham marriages.

Four out of the women told police that their tickets were bought by a female compatriot of theirs.

Nothing has yet to come up regarding the tenth woman.

The 10 women were interviewed by specialised members of the police’s Anti-Trafficking Bureau to determine whether they were victims of trafficking but it was concluded that there is no evidence to support this.

The women have been denied entry to the Republic of Cyprus by the police and they remain detained in a special area at Larnaca airport.


Source: CNA

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